Friday, September 14, 2012

Raising metacognition for vocabulary learning through web-quests

Action Research Project

Dear learners,

Welcome to this blog where you will find a space to keep record of your progress during the development of the webquest "The world in our hands", which is available in the link:

As participants of this research project, it is important for us to know your ideas and opinions about the process carried out during the research project. For that reason, in this blog you can share your thoughts, ideas and questions related to:

- The use of Vocabulary Learning Strategies

- The use of Metacognitive Learning Strategies

- Your progress in vocabulary learning about the topic

- Your list of known and new words

In the right side bar you will find specific links for your school. Feel free to comment and post since your opinion is very important for the research project findings.


Cristina Barón

Magda Martinez