STEP TWO: LAND POLLUTION BOOK - Colegio Republica Dominicana

Dear student, 

This page is to develop the activites from the  the land pollution book.  Each member in the group have to  complete the exercises in the book corresponding to the assigned part. (Las lecturas estarán divididas en tareas individuales que serán compartidas en la clase de inglés. Cada miembro del grupo tendrá que completar los ejercicios del libro electrónico que correspondan a la parte asignada).

Member 1: "What is garbage"?, "Disgusting" and "Trash or treasure" sections

Member 2: "Modern Landfill", "There is no away"  and  "There is no away, even if we bury it" sections

Member 3:"There is no away, even if we recycle it", "How much do we recycle" and "Natural recyclers" sections

Member 4: "Recipe for rot", "How biodegradable is your trash", "Making choices" and "Going shopping" sections.


  1. What is Garbage?

    Are the things that we think that are useless, we produce more waste that we think, when we buying anything, many junk is made during her creation.
    Garbage Synonims: Junk, Trash, Waste, Litter


    Actually, we think that all thing that we throw away is useless, but the reality is other, the great part of waste is recyclable, 42 % of junk is paper and textiles, 23 % Metal, plastic and glass, 18 % Yard Waste, like grass and earth, and 7 % Food Waste, Meat and fruits.

  2. Continue "Disgusting"

    This information show that the garbage is usefull, have 2º lives. There are 4 ways to end with the garbage: Bury, Burn, Reuse, Recycle.

    Disgusting "Reading Comprehension"

    1. Material Examples %
    Paper/Textiles | Clothes, Newsprint | 42 %

    Metal, plastic |Metal Sticks, Plastic | 23 %
    and Glass | Bottles, Fine Glass |

    Yard Waste | Grass, Earth | 18 %

    Food Waste | Meat, Fruits | 7 %

    2.b, c and e
    3. Bury, Burn, Reuse, Recycle

    Trash or Treasure?

    There are things that are important for us, but for other persons aren't valuable.

    Modern Landfill:

    Words: Paper, Food Waste, Bottles, Candy Wrappers, Suntea's Paper, Market Food Packets Empty, Plastic, Juices Boxes, Earth, Dirt