STEP 4: Colegio Republica Dominicana


Read the next examples of advices to avoid land pollution. (Lee los siguientes ejemplos de consejos para evitar la contaminación de la tierra):

Don't be a litter bug.   
Be responsible with your garbage.
Keep the earth clean.

These sentences are imperatives

task 1: Read the explanation about imperatives and  answer the  exercises (1,2,3,4,5 and 6) in the same webpage, then write the sentences you formed). For example:
  •  stand behind the line, please
(Lee la explicación sobre imperativos y responde los ejercicios en la página web. Escribe las frases como te quedaron hechas.Sigue el ejemplo)


  1. Stand behind the line, please
    Tell me all about it
    Shut up
    Come in
    Take your feet off the sofa
    Turn to page 59
    Take a pill three times a day
    Go to the Traffic Lights and turn left
    Come and see me the next week
    Put that down

  2. Eso es todo, o que mas hay que subir?